Since doing the 'ol chop, I have been playing around much more with styling products and wanted to share a few of my favourites. I've been going for that whole "naturally tousled beachy waves" thang, and these are the products that I use to get me there! Shoutout to the gals @ Hedkandi Salon for always showing a lady how to roll in the hair world - @HairbyLindsayLarsen is a life saver XO BLESS


Bumble & Bumble has such an incredible range of styling products, sometimes it's hard to choose which ones to go for! These two in particular, the BB Prep Primer and the BB Thickening Hairspray are my go-to's. I spray the primer at the ends of my hair in an attempt to save them from the heat death that's coming from the curling wand, and rub my hands all around the ends of the hair to help it blend in. I then go ham with the thickening hairspray all over my roots and throughout my hair, being very liberal with the product. I use my hands to rub it in at the roots. This thickening hairspray makes a major noticeable difference in the thickness of my hair at the roots; use it to add that BAM factor to your volume, ja feel me? (Sidenote: I use both of these products on damp hair) 


Once those two products are applied to the damp hair, I go ahead and do the blow-dry & curling thang. I use a 1 inch curling wand to add very loose waves all throughout the hair. 


The Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray is legitimately magic in a bottle. I spray this quite liberally all over my hair and use my hands to fluff it up -- seriously I don't know what is in this thing but it adds such a beautiful finish to hair. It adds volume and texture and almost creates a beachy look to the hair just from spraying it. The smell is a bit overwhelming for me but I say yolo and totally bathe my hair in this magical substance. A few days after styling, you can also use this product to add more life into the hair. It's pretty pricey, but SO worth it. 


And those, my friends, are the three products that I use to give me the dreamy beachy waves look that the world is going crazy over - what products do you use and love? 


BEAUTYAllana Davison