Discovering Omorovicza

While in Budapest, we stayed at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel which just so happens to also be the home spa for Omorovicza! I took advantage of the 10 euro sale on the starter kit and here are my tidbits & thoughts ...


I wasn't able to find this exact kit online, which leads me to assume that this particular kit was exclusive to the hotel itself. However, Omorovicza is always updating their kit offers and I found a really great version on Cult Beauty (which also includes the Queen of Hungary mist that I am dying to try eventually!) which is a 5-piece discovery set that is a good bang for your buck. 


The box contains a full size Thermal Cleansing Balm, a 0.5oz version of the Deep Cleansing Mask, a 1oz Refining Facial Polisher, and a wash cloth -- all for 58 euros (as I said previously, they were having a 10 euro sale on the set). Considering the full sized Thermal Cleansing Balm is  48 euros on its own, I thought that this kit was a reasonable priced way to test out a few things from the brand! And they are travel friendly, so this has come in handy over here on my Europe travels. 


The Thermal Cleansing Balm is fantastic for makeup removal, and it gets even the trickiest mascara niblits off of the eyes. The clay ingredient has quite a strong unusual scent, but even my incredibly sensitive skin wasn't too offended by it. I'm having a big moment with cleansing balms right now and this is a great one to try. The Deep Cleansing Mask is not one for sensitive skin folk as it is a very strong cleansing mask. I passed this along to Chad to have, and he loves it! It penetrates deep into the skin and gets all of the gunk out. A great option for those with tougher skin who are looking for a weekly cleansing mask to use! The Refining Skin Polisher is an exfoliant and mask in one, and is really enjoyable to use. I will add this to the weekly/bi-weekly masking lineup and use is sparingly! 

I love when brands offer starter kits and sample sizes, it's a great way to test the products before making a huge splurge on the full size item! Have you ever tried Omorovicza products? What did you think? I am eyeing the Queen of Hungary Mist next....

UPDATE: A wonderful lady on Instagram let me know that this is the 'Moor Mud Set' and is available on a set called lookfantastic here: XO