5 Foundations For Dry Skin


I have blabbed on about my dry skin woes time and time again, so I will save you all from this by simple stating that I have dry skin & an obsession with finding the perfect base products for said skin type. I wanted to share my 5 current favourite base product offerings for those of you suffering through the dryness; each of which will glide beautifully and moisturizingly overtop those crumbling dry bits on your face. I'll start with the two affordable options. Firstly, my beloved Physicians Formula Organic Wear BB Cream is the cream of the crop and one of the best base products that I have ever used. It feels light & creamy like a BB Cream and covers like a foundation. It makes my skin look and feel AMAZING and I could honestly go on and on. The only unfortunate downside is that they only offer two shades -- I would like to personally write a petition demanding more shade offerings so that everyone may use it's wonder! 

The L'Oreal Pro Glow Foundation is an amazing light-medium coverage option that wears beautifully throughout the day. It has what it says - quite a glowy/dewy finish on the skin and is one to go for when you really want to emphasis that goddess-skin life. They have both pink and yellow undertone options, so there should be a shade available for everyone! I love the matte version of the foundation for the summertime and this glowing version is the perfect dry winter counterpart. 

Now on to the more pricey bits .. The foundation that is newest to me is the Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation, and I am so incredibly impressed with how beautiful the finish is. It starts with a medium coverage on the skin but can definitely be built up to a more intense full coverage, without any feelings of heaviness on the skin. It lasts beautifully throughout the day and is now  in my top list of long lasting foundations. Another unfortunate noting of the shade range -- they do not have many offerings whatsoever. What's with companies and their minimal shade ranges?! WHY?? But alas, after only 3 times of wearing this foundation I can safely say that it has become one of my newest favourites. 

The Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation will forever be my top pick of the foundation world, and I would recommend it to ANYONE (ahem, with dry skin as this is a dry skin foundation post) who desires perfectly covered & luminous skin. This is my go-to foundation for events and anything that requires me to be in public, photographed, or filmed. It contains no spf, has no flashback in photography, and makes even my most heinous skin days look beautiful. I like to dab the product onto my face with my fingers (kind of like war-paint) and then blend it out with the beauty blender -- this creates the most gorgeous flawless finish on the skin. I always have a darker shade (5.5) on hand to mix into other foundations when I have self-tanned or been basking in the summer sun. Somehow it always manages to create a magical mixture for the skin, no matter which foundation it is being mixed with! I have mentioned and repurchased this foundation time and time again, and it will always be a staple in my makeup collection. 

Last but certainly not least, the Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick has erased all of the negative and skeptical feelings that I have held toward foundation sticks for good. Full coverage, completely lightweight and comfortable on the skin, all while leaving the most lovely natural/satin finish. It's probably my most expensive foundation that I own per ounce, but it is such a pleasure to use and gives the skin such a beautiful 'lit from within' look. I like to swipe numerous stripes around my face and blend with the beauty blender (surprise, surprise) and I find that this leaves it with a lovely glowing finish. (glowy, dewy, blah blah YES ALLANA WE GET IT)

If you have dry sin and are continuously longing and searching for the foundations that will give you glowing and luminous skin, these 5 are the ones to try! Sending my love from the flakey wintery skin world .. 


What are some of your favourite base products?